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Amusement Park Classic Photos 1940'S-1986

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Cedar Point Photos 1
Cedar Point Photos 2
Cedar Point Photos 3
Cedar Point Photos 4 Max Air
Cedar Point Photos 5
Cedarpoint Photos Of the 1950'S
Cedarpoint Photos Of the 1950'S Page 2
White Water Landing CP 1982-2005
Amusement Park Classic Photos 1940'S-1986
Goodbye Geauga Lake
Coney Island Cincinnati,Ohio
Euclid Beach Post Cards
Kennywood Amusement Park
Kings Island Photos 1
Kings Island Photos 2
Kings Island Photos 3
The Bat Classic Ride Kings Island


This page of this website is all about classic parks,and classic rides.This page is featuring 20 parks Links To my Albums at imagestation. If you would like a copy of theses photos in high resolution,please send me an e-mail. All of the classic photos courtesy of Larry  Wasserman & Robert Lindsay
P.S. just added Kennywood,State Fair of Texas,updated Euclid Beach,DorneyPark,and Cedar Point. Added new page Coney Island Cincinnati,Ohio

Cedarpoint photos from 1940's-1986

Euclid beach 1950'S

Shady Lake Park From 1978-1982

Chippewa Lake 1950's

Geauga Lake 1950'S

Idora Park 1970's or early 80's

Meyer's Lake 1950's

Sandy beach Park on Indian lake(Russell's point,Ohio)

Toledo Beach 1950'S

Buckeye Lake 1950'S

Kings Island-Rides of the past.

Bob-Lo Island AmusementPark

Crystal Beach-Amusementpark

Lake Lansing Park-East Lansing MI.

Edgewater Park-Detroit,MI

West View Park-PA

Willow Grove Park-PA

Dorney Park-Old Photos

Worlds of fun-Kansas city, Mo

Busch Gardgens-WilliamsBurg, Va

Kennywood from 1959 and later

State Fair of Texas

   Also are added links from The Web These links are worth a
   look. The contain a lot of good information about classic parks and Amusement Park rides from around the globe!!!

CEC Midway: Time Portal Museum

Defunct Amusement Parks of Canada: Closed Canadian Parks

AmusementPark history

The history of Forest Park Highlands,in St. Louis Mo.

Dougs coaster history

dougs coaster history links

Ken's classic Coaster Postcards

coaster1robert Digital Art & Photos Cards