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Coney Island Cincinnati,Ohio
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Coney Island Cincinnati,Ohio
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  This page of this website is all about classic park,Coney Island Cincinnati,Ohio. Coney Island is a park that people like going to in Cincinnati, from the 1930's through the 1970's. these pictures were taken from 1958-1971 ,(Photo's taken from Larry Wasserman )  Enjoy this stroll back through the past of this great park.  People first started enjoying picnics at Coney Island in the 1870 and with time Parker's Grove,  grew into Ohio Grove and finally Coney Island. It was opend for many years but closed after the 1971 season and many of the rides were moved to King's Island Theme Park. opend there first season  in 1972!
If you would like a copy of theses photos in high resolution,please send me an e-mail. All of the classic photos courtesy of Larry.E.Wasserman & Robert Lindsay

coneyIsland midway

Please click the link below,and see all of the photos of Coney Island.

ConeyIsland Cincinnati,Ohio

ConeyIsland Cincinnati,Ohio Postcards

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